The Archives


Here is an overview of how the Archives are organized. If you are doing research, or are generally interesting in seeing any of the documents, please contact Lisa Foote, to set up an appointment (phone 603-563-8545).


The Dublin Historical Society was founded in 1920 and revived, after a period of inactivity, in 1986. As stated in the original Articles of Agreement, its objects are “the collection, preparation and preservation of all historical facts, relics and memorials of all kinds pertaining to the town of Dublin . . . ”

The Society’s archives include records about individuals (e.g. Levi Leonard, Aimée Lamb), families (Gowing, Piper) and organizations – including the more or less complete records of a dozen town organizations, past (Monadnock Grange, Dublin Militia) and present (Garden Club, Emmanuel Church).

These archives, together with the archives of the Town of Dublin and the Dublin Community Church, are indexed in two data bases – an index of people’s names containing over 26,000 entries, and a subject index with over 6,000.

How these Archives are organized

The following table shows the general scheme of organization. Groups 1 through 10 are for general topics (e.g. People, Buildings), where there is not enough material about a particular person or subject to warrant a separate Group.

Groups beginning with Group 11 contain records on specific people, families, organizations, etc. (e.g., Brush Family Papers, Ladies’ Social Circle).

Some Groups are subdivided into Series, which contain particular classifications of documents. The range of dates given indicates the earliest and latest dates for documents within a Group or Series. “To date” means that the collection of documents is continuous, and that material exists up to about five years ago.

The number of boxes shown in the right-hand column is given as a rough guide to the amount of material in each Group or Series. A “box”, for the most part, means a standard Hollinger document box, 15 1/2 x 10 x 5”.

General Groups



Group 1 – New Hampshire & Surrounding Towns 3

Although the Society collects primarily records pertaining to Dublin, a certain amount of information about the State of New Hampshire and neighboring towns has seemed sufficiently relevant to be worth keeping.

Group 2 – Dublin – General History

Series A – Specific Subjects – 1777 to date 3

Various topics from Arrest Warrants, 1777 to World

War II, 1943

Series B – Periodicals – 1908 to date 3

Copies of the Dublin News (1908-1909; 1925-1926), Monadnock

News, 1945; Dublin Opinion (1949-1950 & Dublin Advocate (2000

to date.

Series C – Artists – 1960 to date 1

Published articles about Dublin artists.

Group 3 – People

Series A – 1760-1960 11

Information on persons who lived in Dublin between

those years. 905 entries.

Series Aa – Signatures (1772-1911) 1

Duplicate documents from the Town Archives, kept for their

interest as autographs.

Series B – 1961 to date 6

Information on persons who died or left town between 1960

and the present. 1062 entries.

Series C – 1961 to date [10]

Information on persons who still live in Dublin. 2329 entries.

Group 4 – Buildings

Series A – Buildings on the National Register [12]

Covers the 156 buildings admitted to the National Register

of Historic Places in 1983, as well as other buildings in the

two Historic Districts.

Series B – Lost Dublin 1

Buildings demolished before 1983.

Series C – Other Buildings 1

Buildings still standing after 1983, but not on the National


Series D – Property Maps Binder

Series E – Townscapes 1

Photographs showing more than one building; and

aerial photographs.

Group 5 – Natural History & Landscape

Series A – Miscellaneous – 1849 to date 1

Various natural history subjects, from Birds to Stone Pond

Series B – Mt. Monadnock – 1818 to date 1

Articles about, and photographs of, the mountain.

Group 6 – Organizations & Institutions – 1784 to date 6

Records of non-profit organizations.

Group 7 – Events

Series A – Specific Events – 1854 to date 4

Mainly newspaper clippings about Town Meetings, celebrations,

major storms, etc.

Series B – Miscellaneous Events – 1848 to date 1

Mainly newspaper clippings about traffic accidents and the like.

Group 8  – Businesses – 1873 to date 3

Advertisements, billheads, fliers, etc.

Group 9 – Tapes & Videotapes

Series A – Audio- & Videotapes – 1987 to date 2

Series B – Transcripts of Audiotapes 1989 to date 1

Group 10 – Miscellaneous

Series A – Scrapbooks – 1884 -1988 3

Scrapbooks maintained by Ella Gowing Mason, Hildreth

Allison & Dorothy Worcester, each containing clippings

from local newspapers.

Special Groups

Group 11 – Dublin Historical Society

Series A – General institutional records – 1920 to date 4

Includes articles of association, by-laws, minutes, programs

and miscellaneous correspondence.

Series B – Museum & Schoolhouse – 1928 to date 1

Records of the schoolhouse and museum, including deeds,

fund-raising, restoration, museum catalogues, etc.

Series Bb – Museum Accessions 1

Records relating to specific museum items.

Series C – Archives – 1945 to date 4

Records of the Archives, including accessions and


Series D – Financial – 1920 to date 1

Mainly treasurer’s reports.

Series E – Photographs – 1988 to date 2

Photographs, mainly of Society events.

Group 12 – Gowing Family Papers – 1839-1968 4

The principal feature of this collection is the 52 diaries,

ranging in date from 1875 to 1955.

Group 13 – Ladies’ Social Circle – 1848-1935 2

Includes membership lists, minutes & financial records for

almost the whole span of the organization’s existence.

Group 14 – Dublin Militia – 1808-1855 1

Nearly complete records (rosters, orderly books) for

the 4th Infantry Company of the Twelfth Regiment.

Incomplete records for the Dublin Grenadiers.

Group 15 – Monadnock Grange – 1844-1966 7

Miscellaneous records. Includes an uninterrupted set of

minutes from the first meeting to the last.

Group 16 – Dublin Women’s Community Club – 8

1920 to date

Secretary’s books and records, treasurer’s records, and

miscellaneous records and correspondence for both the

Club and beach.

Group 17 – Stonewall Farm Papers – 1827-2009 1

Deeds and correspondence relating to the property;

aerial and other photographs.

Group 18 – Allison Family Papers

Series A – General family papers – 1830-1977 1

Papers relating to Annie M. Allison (1859-1944),

Christine Allison (1908-1977) & Harold T. Shook

(1907-1990) and James Allison (1830-1914)

Series B – Henry Darracott Allison papers 3

& photographs – 1869-1963

The main importance of this Series lies in the photographs.

Henry D. Allison was, among other things, a

photographer on a commercial scale, producing a large

number of glass plate negatives.

Series C – Hildreth Mason Allison papers 7

& diaries – 1896-1990

Contains a large number of Hildreth Allison’s writings,

published and unpublished, including his memoir, So Well

Remembered, and diaries from 1909 to 1987.

Series D – Elliott Sheldon Allison papers – 1


A mixed collection of published articles and other

odds and ends.

Group 19 – Garden Club of Dublin

Series A – Garden Club Records – 1928 to date 10

Nearly complete records (minutes, correspondence,

photographs, etc,) from 1928 to the present.

Series B – Records of the Northern New England

Daffodil Show – 1974 -2003 1

Group 20 – Aimée Lamb Papers – 1917-1989 1

Miscellaneous letters, papers & photographs found in

Miss Lamb’s house after her death. Includes photograph

of T. S. Eliot.

Group 21 – George deForest Brush Family Papers

Series A – George deForest Brush – 1900-1941 7

Includes 87 letters to his wife between 1900 and 1925;

two diaries; ms. notes of his thoughts about art; some

reproductions of his pictures and catalogues of shows.

Some family photographs of Mr. Brush, his wife and

their children are also included in this Series.

The bulk of his papers are at the Archives of American Art.

Series B – Mittie Taylor Brush – 1917-1949 3

Correspondence and related papers about the patenting

and exploitation of inventions by Mrs. Brush.

Series C – Gerome Brush & his Family – 1902 – 1997 1

The majority of the papers in this collection relate to

patents. Other family members represented are Gerome’s

wife, Louise Seymour Brush, his daughter, Joan Parish,

and her son and grandchildren.

Series D – Nancy Brush Bowditch & her Family – 1/2

1917 -1991

Miscellaneous material relating to Nancy Douglas

Bowditch and her descendants. Includes a typescript of her

unpublished memoirs.

Series E – Mary Brush Pierce & her Family – 1918 – 1996 1/2

Miscellaneous material relating to Mary Brush Pierce

and her descendants.

Series F – Jane Brush Coates & her Family – 1917 – 1989 1/2

Miscellaneous material relating to Jane Brush Coates

and her descendants..

Series G – Thea Brush Cabot & her Family – 1915-1996 1/2

Miscellaneous material relating to Thea Brush Cabot

and her descendants.

Series H – Biographical Material – 1854-1886 1

Copies of documents made for the National Gallery of Art as part of the research for the exhibition, George deForest Brush – The Indian

Paintings, mounted at the Gallery in the fall of 2008.

Series I – Knoedler Correspondence – 1894-1925 1

Copies of documents from the archives of M. Knoedler & Co.,

Brush’s dealer during the period covered. These copies were

made for the National Gallery of Art as part of the research for

the exhibition, George deForest Brush – The Indian

Paintings, mounted at the Gallery in the fall of 2008.

Group 22 – Leffingwell Hotel – 1908 & n.d. 1

Guest book in use at the time of the fire;


Group 23 – Dublin Riding and Walking Club – 6

1919 to date

Records of the Riding & Walking Club from its

founding; three albums of photographs.

Group 24 – Abbott Thayer Miscellany

Series A – Miscellany – 1897-2001 3

Mainly catalogues of exhibitions and articles;

32 magic lantern slides of Thayer works. The bulk of

his papers are at the Archives of American Art.

(Note: There are photographs taken in Thayer’s

studio by Henry D. Allison in Group 18, Series B.)

Series B – Family Letters – 1906-1938 1

Copies of letters, mainly from Mary Thayer Birch.

There are three letters from Abbott H. Thayer, written

from Brazil in 1908. Also of interest is an undated letter

from Fred Birch to Gerald Thayer concerning Bessie


Group 25 – Joseph Lindon Smith Family

Series A – Ancestry & Family – 1863-1914 1

Photographs and papers relating primarily to Joseph Lindon

Smith’s forebears.

Series B – Painting Career – 1880-1950 11

The papers and photographs in this Series are a small part of

those left by Joseph Lindon Smith at his death. The bulk of

his papers are at the Archives of American Art.

Included are a sketchbook of London & Paris (1883-1884);

diaries of travel in Europe (1886, 1894); letters home from

Europe (1886, 1889); letters from Philadelphia (1896-1899); wedding photographs (1899); travel diary. letters and photo-

graphs from Japan (1901); glass lantern slides of Egyptian

tombs (1904-1905); photographs of Egypt, (1905-1936); &

miscellaneous letters and photographs.

Series C – Plays & Pageants – 1904-1950 1

Photographs and articles about plays and pageants produced

By Joseph Lindon Smith at Loon Point and elsewhere.

Series D – Corinna Haven Smith’s Family – 1888-1965 2

Photographs of Corinna Smith and her forebears; five

scrapbooks compiled by Corinna’s sister, Ethel

Frothingham Putnam.

Note: Most of Corinna Smith’s papers are at the

Schlesinger Library at Harvard.

Series E – “Loon Point” – 1896-1963 1

Papers and photographs relating to the houses, theaters and

gardens at “Loon Point”.

Series F – Smith Descendants – 1902 – date 1

Papers and photographs of the Smiths’ daughters, Rebecca

Shepard, Frances Greenleaf, and Lois Lindon, their husbands,

children and grandchildren.

Group 26 – Solomon Piper Family

Series A – Piper Family Papers – 1779-1889 1

Papers relating to the Piper family, including Rufus Piper’s

commissions in the militia and as a Justice of the Peace.

Series B – Fiduciary Records – 1787-1889 3

Papers relating to the administration and probate of 35

estates, of which Rufus Piper and his son, Henry Curtis

Piper, were executors or administrators. Included are

bills, notes, inventories and reports of sale, illustrating

the economic life of a small New Hampshire town.

Series C – Piper Family Papers 1/2

Miscellaneous papers of the Piper family, from sources

other than the collection in Series A.

Group 27 – 18th & 19th Century Books

Series A – School Books – 1788-1900 & n.d. shelved

69 text books used in the Dublin schools.

Series B – Song Books – 1829-1856 & n.d. shelved

14 books of music.

Series C – Miscellaneous books – 1777-1889 shelved

33 books marked as owned by a Dublin resident.

Group 28 – Alexander James Family – 1

1916 to date

Miscellaneous materials.

Group 29 – Richardson / Scribner Families

Series A – Family Papers – 1784 to date 2

Miscellaneous material on these two related families;


Series B – Family photographs Binder

Series C – Miscellaneous photographs Binder

Group 30 – Nathan G. Methley Papers – 1


Copies of songs, three ms. prose works, family

correspondence and miscellany written by the

self-described “Monadnock hermit”.

Group 31 – Frothingham /Hawkins Family – 2 1876-1995

Deeds, family photographs, photographs of early Dublin

townscapes and diaries kept by the Frothingham family.

Many of the photographs in this collection were taken by

Francis Edward Frothingham (1871-1954).

Group 32 – Ross & Emily McFarland Papers

Series A – “Homewood” Papers – 1958-1979 1

Papers relating to the ownership of “Homewood”.

Series B – Conversion of the “Homewood’ barn – 1


Papers concerning the conversion of the “Homewood”

barn into a dwelling, the subdivision of the property

and the sale of the resulting house and lot.

Group 33 – Emmanuel Church

Series A – History & Government – 1888 to date 2

This group contains the surviving records (historical

materials, membership lists, minutes and reports) of

Emmanuel Church, a summer chapel under the authority

of the Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire. Except for a

few chance survivals from an earlier period, these

records begin at 1935.

Series B – General Records & Correspondence – 2

1884 to date

Includes records of baptisms, confirmations, marriages

and burials.

Series C – Clergy – 1874 to date 1

Records of the clergy who have served as summer


Series D – Financial Records – 1934 to date 2

Includes Treasurer’s reports, budgets, memorial gifts,

bequests, investments and auditor’s reports. Records

for the years before 1973 are spotty.

Series E – Outreach – 1961, 1972 to date 1

Records of good works outside the parish. This usually

has meant contributions of money to local and diocesan

institutions and causes.

Series F – Property – 1887 to date 2

Records pertaining to the Church building, Rectory,

organ, stained glass windows, insurance, taxes and


Group 34 – Yankee, Inc. – 1935 to date 1

Miscellaneous material on the history of Yankee

magazine and the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

In addition, there is a complete run of Yankee

and a number of books published by Yankee, Inc.

Group 35 – D.A.R.E., Inc.

Series A – Correspondence & Memoranda – 1971-1990 4

Records kept by Beekman H. Pool, the guiding spirit

of the Dublin and Regional Emergency [D.A.R.E.],

formed to promote a by-pass of Dublin on Route 101.

(See also Dublin Town Archives, Group 26, Series C.)

Series B – Groups Opposed to D.A.R.E – 1972-1988 1

Records of people and organizations opposed to a bypass,

including H.O.P.E. (Harrisville Organization to Protect the

Environment), C.O.D.A. (Committee on Dublin Alternatives)

and C.O.R.P.S. (Committee on a Regional Plan Solution).

Group 36 – Gene Gowing Papers & Photographs

Series A – Papers & Photographs – 1918-1919 1

Papers and photographs relating to Gene Gowing’s service

in the Photographic Section of the Signal Corps in World

War I.

Series B – Signal Corps Photographs – 1918-1919 2

Copies of 217 Signal Corps photographs collected by


Series C – Gowing’s Post-War Career – 1927-1968 1

Papers and photographs from Gene Gowing’s life after

World War I, including his Hollywood period and as a

square dance caller.

Group 37 – Henderson Family – 1902-1998 1

Miscellaneous records of Ernest Henderson’s children,

one of whom founded the Sheraton hotel chain.

Includes letters from Hildegarde and Gerard Henderson

to Nancy Brush [Pearmain Bowditch].

See also Henderson, Ernest F., Jr., The World of “Mr.

Sheraton,and copies of The Dublin News, a news sheet

produced by Gerard and George Henderson, 1908-1909,

in Group 2, Series B.

Group 38 – Gouri Ivanov-Rinov Miscellany 1

- c. 1902-1989

Odds and ends. The bulk of Ivanov-Rinov’s papers are at

the Archives of American Art.

Group 39 – Oscar L. Howe Diaries & Accounts 1

- 1869-1891

Eight diaries and four account books.

Group 40 – Rev. Levi Leonard Miscellany 2

- 1815-1996

Books and mss., as well as miscellaneous papers. The

mss. include, essays, sermons and prayers.

Group 41 – Bruce McClellan Diaries & Letters 9

- 1987-2008

Diaries, engagement books and journals, as well

as letters (later e-mails) addressed to his children

and close relations by the former Head Master of

Lawrenceville School.

Group 42 – Grenville Clark 2

Catalogue of the papers of Grenville Clark in the

Baker Library at Dartmouth.

A few miscellaneous papers on Grenville Clark,

as well as books by him.

Group 43 – Dublin Lake Club

Series A – Miscellaneous – 1901 to date 2

Miscellany from various sources. The Club retains

possession of its official records.

Series B – Transcripts of Meryman Interviews 3

- 1998-2000

Transcripts of taped interviews conducted by Richard S.

Meryman, Jr., in prepaparation for his book, The Dublin

Lake Club – A Centennial History, Dublin, 2001.

Group 44 – Raphael Pumpelly Family

Series A – Pumpelly Family Miscellany 1

- 1867-2001

Miscellaneous material relating to members of the

Raphael Pumpelly family. The greater part of the

Pumpelly papers are in the Huntington Library,

San Marino,California.

Series B – Photographs by Elise Pumpelly Cabot Binders

159 photographs taken by Elise Pumpelly Cabot. None

of the photographs is dated, but most if not all of them

were taken in the period between 1900 and 1920.

Group 45 – Doris Haddock Papers – 1982-2010 5

These papers chronicle Doris Haddock’s walk across

America to publicize the need for campaign finance reform,

and include fan mail, political correspondence, media

interviews, news clippings, and proclamations and

awards from towns an cities.

Group 46 – Eaves Family Papers – 1870 to date 1

Letters and diaries of members of the Eaves family. Of

special interest are 85 letters from Dick, Don and Guy

Eaves during overseas service in World War I. A

binder of family photographs

Group 47 – Beech Hill Hospital – 1948-2007 3

Papers published by, or relating to, Beech Hill Hospital,

especially during the troubles under the ownership of

Michael Beavers. Also seven transcripts of interviews

with earlier employees.

For photographs of the demolition of the buildings, see

Group 58.

Group 48 – Gebauer’s Berghof – 1959-1992 2

Guest registers from the period when the Leopold

Gebauer family ran an inn on Route 101.

Group 49 – Dublin Associates

Series A – General Institutional Records – 1927-2003 2

Corporate records of Dublin Associates, a business trust

formed for conservation purposes in 1927, to 2002, the year

in which the trust was formally dissolved.

Series B – Financial Records – 1927-2002 2

Includes tax returns, 1953-2002.

Series C – Stock Certificates 3

Records and correspondence relating to stock ownership

in the trust. Contains information about many of the

major figures in Dublin’s summer colony.

Group 50 – Grimes / Doyle Papers & Photographs 1

- 1909-2002

Miscellaneous papers and photographs of members of

the John Grimes and Robert Doyle families.

Group 51 – Mason Family Papers – 1768-1995 1

Miscellaneous records and papers of the Mason family

and some of its individual members. Of special interest

are the genealogical materials and the account books of

Thaddeus Mason, Thaddeus Mason, Jr. and Joseph

Hayward, and the diary of James Adams Mason.

Group 52 – Chapman / Mauran Family Papers 1

- 1859-1997

Miscellaneous records and papers of the families

of Joseph Gilbert Chapman and John Lawrence

Mauran . Includes four letters from General W.T.


Group 53 – Hyman Interview Transcripts 1

- 1998, 1999

Transcripts of 43 taped interviews conducted by Vernon

[Tom] Hyman in preparation for his town history,

Village on a Hill, Dublin, 2002.

Group 54 – Monadnock Eastern Slope Association 1

- 1980 to date

Records of a neighborhood association.

Group 55 – Dark Pond Club, Inc. – 1965-1974 1

Records of an organization formed to control the use and

maintenance of the Dark Pond property.

Group 56 – Dark Pond, Inc.

Series A – General Institutional Records 1

- 1965 to date

Corporate records of Dublin Associates, Inc.,

(1965-1978) and its successor, Dark Pond, Inc.

(1978 to date). [Dublin Associates, Inc. should

not be confused with Dublin Associates, a

business trust, whose records are in Group 49.]

Series B – Financial Records – 1965 to date 1

Financial records of Dublin Associates, Inc. (1965-1978)

and Dark Pond, Inc. (1978 to date)

Series C – Shareholder Records – 1965 to date 1

Shareholder records of Dublin Associates, Inc. (1965-1978)

and Dark Pond, Inc. (1978 to date)

Group 57 – Dublin Community Foundation

Series A – General Corporate Records – 1965 to date 2

Series B – Financial Records – 1965 to date 1

Group 58 – Beech Hill / Dublin Lake Watershed 1

Association – 2005 to date

Records of Beech Hill Rescue, LLC, (2005) and its

successor, Beech Hill / Dublin Lake Watershed

Association (2005 to date).

Photographs of the demolition of the Beech Hill Binders

Hospital buildings, 2006-2007

Group 59 – Dublin Community Preschool. Inc. – 1966 to date

[In process]

Group 60 – Marion Whiting Memoirs – c. 1955 1

Unpublished memoirs of Marion Schlesinger Whiting.

Group 61 – William Morgan Papers – 1973 to date 2

Published books, articles, reviews and blogs; material

collected in research for Monadnock Summer – An

Architectural History of Dublin, N.H.

Group 62 – William L. Bauhan Papers

[In process]